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Being a scientist or artist is a kind of privilege and mystery since the mankind can think about himself, it can give you the impression of initiation. Whitin science you whish to learn the world, in art you want to create something new from the world you have learnt. In both, you are free, your thoughts are free. Get to know, create, find your voice. This is the best place for it. Join us!

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Battle of Superpower: Is Washington ready to lose and Does China deserves to be there?

It’s a human desire to be on top of the world and rule others. But gone are the days when single person was ruling the entire world, now there should be a country or a continent to show its prominence. By looking at last 50 yrs, anyone can say that US is a superpower and influencing life of every human who is living on this earth. The dominance of US is everywhere, whether its politics, socio-economic structure, science, technology, entertainment or any other thing, we can feel their presence everywhere.

Your government can’t take some major decision at global level unless it‘s not directly-indirectly approved by American leaders; you have to take them onboard. Americans are ruling the world, Russia has already been sidelined and entire Europe is behind them (in support). They have done it, doing it well, and definitely would love to keep doing it forever.

But again, competition is human nature, if you are ahead, then of course there are some who is behind you, and if someone is behind you, there is every possibility that you are going to behind them. It’s a rule of universe, you can’t change it.
Data states that the United States accounted for 31 percent of the global economy in 2000 and 23.5 percent in 2010. By 2020, it will shrink to around 16 percent. America is still trying to recover from its long-run recession, but is this really a phase of recession or phase of waning out from top position?

The big question is, if US leaves, who would replace? Entire world knows - its China. Even now Americans have started accepting this fact that China is going to be the biggest power in coming 20 yrs. There are many reasons to support: Chinese economy is the fastest growing, they have the biggest manufacturing units, they are good in technology, raw materials, their products are affordable, they are smart, and the biggest thing is they have the biggest population in this world. How can anyone ignore China when they have too many things to offer?
But, Is China really ready to take this position? Are Chinese capable enough to sit on the top and influence entire world: politically and economically? Is today’s world going to accept this?
If you start finding answers you will have to think from different angles. No matter how cruel American policies look, they still believe in democracy, in freedom of speech and they are open in nature. The biggest problem with China and their policies is that they don’t believe in democracy. They don’t believe in freedom of speech, they want to settle down everything behind the powerful doors without involving common men. This Chinese policy may have worked in favor of China, but entire world is not going to accept it. There are not enough reasons to accept Chinese policies. Chinese will have to work hard to offer same charm that US offers to entire world.

I have met many Chinese and found that they are really not open to discuss their government policies, they don’t dare to criticize their government, and they are scared to support US openly. Those who lived in China told me that people are really scared to discuss openly about government and to criticize any laws.  They are conditioned in such a way that they can’t think openly. No doubt they are good in doing business and are hard working, but when it comes to rule the world, only these traits are not enough.
While working and traveling in Africa, I met many Chinese, and I found resistance from their side whenever I approached them. They live in closed communities, they only go to Chinese restaurants, bars, and most of the time you will see only Chinese waitresses, and workers are working in those places. It’s really not a healthy sign if you are aiming to become a super power and doing big business in almost every African country.

I have worked in US and have many American friends, and I found that one of the most important reasons behind America’s success is that they are very open minded people. They mix quickly, they adapt to new things, they grab new things and they can mix with any local anywhere, that’s the reason they grew so much and today ruling entire world. America is not only about business and money. US is a complete package. When you dream about US, you visualize about freedom, best infrastructure, entertainment, glamour, technology, openness, an opportunity to grow and many more things. It’s very difficult to resist the charm of US, and same time it’s very difficult for others to provide same environment.

Just imagine a world which is ruled by China and they keep spreading their communist culture in entire world. Imagine that if you need to think twice before speaking your mind, are you going to live in that kind of world? Today’s generation is full of information and active on social media and they are not going to assimilate such facts that someone is going to put curb on their freedom of expression.
No matter how double standard American policies look, but they always give freedom to people to speak their mind. They let their citizens to criticize their own government, people can do protests openly, it’s a different issue that finally US government listens or not, but at least they have freedom to vent their anger.

Chinese have made great progress, but still they have to make advancements on freedom of speech, on democracy, and to let people to expel their anger through democratic ways.
American policies in Middle East countries are disturbing, and in long run it’s going to harm them than any other. You can’t keep spending trillions of dollars on military bases, on wars and on rescue programs. All this money is coming from taxpayers of America and in long run you can’t sustain this business-model.  America is in fix in current scenario, if they renounce any country, there is China in the making; this is what I see in Africa. It’s a complex situation, if they want to be a super power they should keep doing what they are doing, but it doesn’t look practical. And if they quit, another superpower in row is ready to jump.

Some people coin name of India to be next super power or next after China. But being an Indian, I really doubt India’s capability to become a superpower, and there are many reasons behind this: India is deep into corruption, India lacks good leaders, Indian community is not aiming for global position, they are very self content, they are not explorers, and still they lack leaders who have global vision for their countrymen.

Indian leaders are still busy in fooling their own citizens, they are busy in playing cards of caste, religion, language and they lack any vision to put Indians on global stage. Because of some entrepreneurs India has made some progress in the last two decades in Information Technology and manufacturing sector, but still they have to do much at national level before moving internationally. Still large section of people is below poverty line and we have to work on education, health and infrastructure seriously.
I have met Indian communities in US and Africa and I found that they are still not able to mingle with local culture and politics. They are doing well in business, but they don’t have any political ambitions. They are happy to live within their closed walls. They don’t want to contribute to the nation where they are living since 4-5 generations; still they think they are part of India, though practically they are living out of India since more than a century.

India is definitely not in the race of being superpower, but it could have been better for the world if Indians were ready to replace US because of following reasons: India has the largest democracy in world, the second fastest growing economy after China, secular country, peaceful and practice in freedom of expression. But unfortunately only these reasons are not enough to be a superpower in this world, India has lost this battle.
Again, question arises, who is going to replace US? And unfortunate answer is China, and you can’t stop them. But is Washington ready to lose this battle? Time will speak and entire world is ready to listen.

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