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Focused on art and science, our media was founded by the Hungarian civil organization (NGO) GeoThink in 2010 without any financial help but with keen collaboration of a group of friends, volunteer journalists, young researchers and artists with the aim of keeping and creating value. Our main goal is to provide the opportunity of a stepping stone for creative and talented people.
After the Hungarian success we are keen on continuing this work worldwide, first in English, Spanish and Portuguese than in further languages too - aiming to create value by bringing science and art closer to the public. We now intend to create an international and multicultural media and we welcome every creative and talented person who wants to join us, who has thoughts, opinion, research topic, artwork, or even travelling testimonials to share. This cross-border attitude and the multilingual media can connect people from all around the world who can learn from each other, who can share different cultural backgrounds.

Being a scientist or artist is a kind of privilege and mystery since the mankind can think about himself, it can give you the impression of initiation. Whitin science you whish to learn the world, in art you want to create something new from the world you have learnt. In both, you are free, your thoughts are free. Get to know, create, find your voice. This is the best place for it. Join us!

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Modular outfits created and customized with concealed zippers

In Poland, BLESSUS have created a modular clothing line, using zippers to create garments that can be modified by the wearer to suit their tastes.


The BLESSUS team consists of designers Michael Hekmat and Marta Matuszewska, and economics graduate Marcin Korytowski. In their own words, their garments are aimed at women with busy lifestyles who may want several stylish looks within one day. Concealed zippers enable a casual dress to become a smarter work dress or an evening gown, and BLESSUS also offer a made-to-measure service, allowing customers to further customize with color combinations or additional clothing elements. The company have an online boutique as well as a physical store in Warsaw.  As more companies embrace customization of products pre-purchase, BLESSUS have gone further by also offering the opportunity to modify and change items throughout ownership. Could this concept be applied to other fashion items?


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