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Focused on art and science, our media was founded by the Hungarian civil organization (NGO) GeoThink in 2010 without any financial help but with keen collaboration of a group of friends, volunteer journalists, young researchers and artists with the aim of keeping and creating value. Our main goal is to provide the opportunity of a stepping stone for creative and talented people.
After the Hungarian success we are keen on continuing this work worldwide, first in English, Spanish and Portuguese than in further languages too - aiming to create value by bringing science and art closer to the public. We now intend to create an international and multicultural media and we welcome every creative and talented person who wants to join us, who has thoughts, opinion, research topic, artwork, or even travelling testimonials to share. This cross-border attitude and the multilingual media can connect people from all around the world who can learn from each other, who can share different cultural backgrounds.

Being a scientist or artist is a kind of privilege and mystery since the mankind can think about himself, it can give you the impression of initiation. Whitin science you whish to learn the world, in art you want to create something new from the world you have learnt. In both, you are free, your thoughts are free. Get to know, create, find your voice. This is the best place for it. Join us!

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Hip-Hop Force Rocks Crossover Music Scene

Followers of hip-hop: get ready for Abie Flinstone. The 20-year-old artist brings a fresh but polished performance to the hip-hop crossover genre. Flinstone was recently featured in a video, "Get Outta My Way," with Qwes Kross, Karma and Kaliq Scott, and she currently has multiple projects in the works, including performing live and working on a studio album.

Flinstone began writing and recording her creative, lyrical music in her bedroom in the Philippines. She now lives in Lommel, Belgium, and is poised to make a significant impact on the music scene. She cites J. Cole, Jay-Z, Kanye West and Big Sean among her influences.

Flinstone acknowledges that the Internet has changed the industry as far as how we consume media. On her Soundclick page, she notes that the Internet helps any aspiring artist spread their music, but it still takes talent to get noticed.

Flinstone says her music started out as something she did just for fun, but she obviously has the potential to go far in the notoriously tough music industry. Her videos show a combination of innocence and attitude that's genuine and gives her audience a feeling of connection. She holds her own when paired with other artists or when performing solo.

Flinstone's current albums include "The Recycle Bin Vol. II," with the following songs: "The Thrill," "Love You Like Davao" (a nod to her home in Southern Davao, the Philippines), "Get Outta My Way," "Say You Will," "iGets Crazy" and "Let You Go." Her albums are available through Big Jake Music, a division of Seven Arts Entertainment. Big Jake Music is distributed through eOne, which aggregates content for multiple digital partners, including iTunes, Netflix and

The music website describes Flinstone's genre as a combination of hip-hop, R&B and experimental pop. So far, the experiment is succeeding, as her career gains traction and her fan base grows. If you are looking for a new-school sound that pulses with energy and emotional depth, check out Flinstone's music.
"I try not to take anything seriously," Flinstone says on Soundclick. But her music is worth taking seriously.

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